Literary and History Scholars

The magnificence and expertise:of our former History and Literary Scholars; cannot be underestimated. They engaged with their audience: authentically, emotionally, intelligently, comprehensively and grasped our thoughts and attention throughout the entirety of their manuscript.

Shakespeare profoundly and methodically entertained, us. The Bronte sisters took our imagination to the limit. Jane Austen glamourised class society. Charles Dickens incorporated the beneficiaries of nineteenth-century England, with the misfortunes of the less fortunate in society.

History tells us that the two major wars in pre-twentieth century USA, were bloody, heart breaking, disasterous ;and, they reshaped what was to become a powerful world dominating world figure; on the national and international stage; whether: political, economic, financial, strategic, military or cultural. Namely, the USA was then, and until now; the biggest imperial power in world history.

Australia can boast about its, bush history; in outback rural society. Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson predominantly link; the city with the country and produce –  history, poetry and literature –  which is unique to, Australia’s rich heritage.

John W. Blassingame,  a Harvard Professor perfectly and consistently portrays: Slavery in Antebellum Pre-Civil War USA, tactfully and meticulously in his book – The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South. Carl Degler’s book, Out of Our Past: The Forces that Shaped Modern America – also, shows a society of people who shaped the birth of modern day USA; with detailed analysis, from the Pilgrim Fathers arriving in Boston, to the War of Independence;the Civil War and the amazing ,years that followed.