The Dandenongs: Melbourne’s Blue Mountains

Panoramic views, breath-taking sights, fresh mountain air, beautiful and unique flora and  fauna: are all found, in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges (Blue Mountains National Park), in Australia. You will come across endless forests,with trees up to 50 metres high; and, Fern Trees, as well as, Eucalyptus (Gum) Trees, everywhere.

You must try to spot the, Australian Liar Bird. It looks like a peacock; but, does not have the same –  blue, aqua and purple colours. It is dark brown and grey; but, with similar feathers, as a peacock. It can sing, scream out and talk; while imitating the sound of other Australian wildlife; but,in this sense it is like a feathered chameleon. That is where it gets its name: Liar Bird.

As you drive up the mountain you will face an ascent; of ninety degrees and you will be lost in a sea: of brown tree trunks, green leaves; and, bush land at its best. Even while the car windows are closed –  you can breathe in the fresh air and master – the magnificence of Mother Nature.

Be careful not to run over any: native Australian Animals, as this is part of their natural habitat. They hibernate during winter; but, as the weather warms up, and the days grow longer  – and we see more sunshine –  these four legged friends of ours,go searching for: food, a mate and adventure.  They sometimes cross the road: so be careful as you drive.

There are lots of popular tourist destinations, to visit. My favourite is, the village called: Sassafras. There you will find – tea houses, coffee and cake shops,bric-a-brac, antiques, clothing and nursery stores; as well as, the world-famous, Miss Marples’ Tea Rooms. Made famous by the TV series –  and books written by Agatha Christie, about the, elderly lady fictional Detective. I enjoy, Sassafras Café which serves:traditional Baracoa Coffee,English Tea and cakes, unique to Australia. It is a snack shop situated in, a cottage like setting; in the heart of the shopping precinct. Geppetto’s is, a fun toy shop which the children, will love; and, R. M. Williams sells, traditional: Country, Outback Australian Clothes, Coats, Hats and Footwear.

Many families choose to visit these areas for a day trip or –  to relax, have a bar be que; and, just to, forget the stress and running around; brought  about by, a hectic, business life – in the nearby city, of Melbourne.

Come down and visit this place. You will love, it. It is a great fun day out. Enjoy the best of rural life; and, you will always want to return –  to treat yourself, to the spleandour, that nature has to offer!

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