Sizzling Summer Fun!

Summer is approaching, and now is a great time to plan a: long deserved, relaxing, entertaining and  exciting holiday. Most popular, are resorts or caravan parks, near the beach.  If you want it simple; you can hire a trailer from the city; hook it up to the back of your car; and, zoom down the Peninsula Freeway until you, hit the coast. This is an, excellent  tradition, for the whole family. Or you might prefer the Surf Coast where you can participate in surfing or scuba diving. How about observing sea creatures under water; viewing the dolphins and whales; or perhaps; going to an observatory to watch penguins and seals on parade – in their natural habitat.

One should always remember –  to participate in the spectacular experience – of a bar be  que. Sausages, steaks, chops, hamburgers and cheese; as well as, salads, fruit and lots of: soft drink and alcohol, (drunk in moderation), make the experience complete and fulfilling.

Soak up the sun, (but do not get sun burnt), enjoy swimming or fishing; and, go for a casual stroll, around national parks; and, see how wonderful it is: to appreciate, natural flora and fauna.



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