Writer Evan Beginning

My name is Evan Papamichael; and, I love writing my Autobiography.

I am also passionate about: Copywriting and Copyediting. I have devoted my life to these Genres. The beauty of my word craft; is that it is –  unique, entertaining, original and comprehensive.

From as far back as, I can remember; I was a dedicated book worm. I have  – transformed this  passion – into a hobby at first; and, now  a career.

I have lived in Melbourne, Australia all my life; and, have many personal experiences to talk about.

I hold a B.Litt. (Bachelor of Letters) in English Literature from Monash University and a Diploma (Professional Writing and Editing) from Holmesglen TAFE which is a Technical College.

My favourite subjects (after telling my life story) are: Copywriting and Copyediting.

The former involves Corporate Writing or Specialist Business Writing and the latter is about using world wide accredited Copyediting Marks to edit and correct punctuation and grammar in a Manuscript. You are welcome to join me; on my exciting journey!

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